Acne and Acne Scar Reduction


ACNE and ACNE SCAR REDUCTION, using Venus Versa laser treatments.

For improving the appearance of acne scars, this laser also offers a precise treatment of a gentle skin resurfacing procedure removing acne scars. The laser beam is absorbed by the top micro-layers of the skin to vaporize acne scarred tissue and stimulate the production of new collagen in the dermis, resulting in skin rejuvenation, and scar removal.

We use exclusively the Venus Concept products.

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versatile multi-applicator platform with three different, highly effective technologies in one workstation to address many of today’s most challenging aesthetic concerns. The AC Dual applicator uses IPL to simultaneously address both the cause and visible symptoms of acne*.


  • Dual light treatment – blue light targets porphyrins produced by acne-causing bacteria, leading to destruction of the bacteria, while red light controls inflammation and promotes faster healing.
  • SmartPulse™ technology ensures precise and consistent energy delivery to the Acne Scarred area.
  • Real-time cooling system for optimal patient safety and comfort.

Click this link to review the Venus Concept machines we use.

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