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Ladies, watch out, the men are closing in on your secrets.

Men have discovered that injections and fillers serve the purpose of giving their face that new and fresh look. Many men are taking a vacation and are not going fishing, but to the spa. When they return from their “vacation” they look rested and fresh. I guess a trip to the spa is better than a vacation, because that fresh and natural look survives the rigorous regimen of work, and you look good for a long time.

Laser procedures are becoming popular also, as they do not require time off as plastic surgery does.

The March issue of DAYSPA© included interesting statistics on the increase of men using spa’s. Please read the article below which verifies these findings:

“After years of growth, it’s clear that male spa-going has finally been embraced as a norm. Recent industry figures certainly paint a positive picture: The U.K.’s Esquire declared that “One of the best things about being a man today is that any stigma about going to spas has long since been rubbed away,”

The Wall Street Journal reported that men’s spa vacations are a growing company perk for overworked execs, and the International Spa Association (ISPA)’s latest Consumer Snapshot Study found that 49 percent of spa customers are men (up from 29 percent in 2005).

“With more and more spas customizing services for men, it’s no surprise that nearly half of spa customers are male,” says ISPA president Lynne McNees. “And, as treatments catered to improving golf games and infused with beer have become more easily accessible, spa-going has become well-established as a core part of the male wellness regimen.

Our recent research shows that the desire to reduce or relieve stress remains the No. 1 reason men and women visit spas.” Although men-only spas have increasingly cropped up to pamper this long-underserved market, unisex facilities have also jumped on the bandwagon, making guys a priority with services that meet their specific needs. 

by Tracy Morin



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